Telecom Italia spin-off could be back on track; Orange appoints new CEO at TPSA

> Telefónica Czech Republic's second-quarter net profit fell 18 per cent year on year, due to high costs and falling revenue. Article

> Nokia unveiled the low-price Lumia 625 smartphone, which comes with a 4.7-inch screen and will cost €220. Article

> Orange said Bruno Duthoit is taking over the role of CEO at its Polish unit TPSA after a period of disappointing results. He replaces Maciej Witucki. Article

> MTN CFO Nazir Patel has resigned due to an investigation into allegations against him. He has been replaced by Brett Goschen. Article

> Telecom Italia's network spin-off plan is expected to get the green light this week, after comments from the chairman suggest the plan is back on track. Article

And finally…A security expert said a flaw in SIM cards leaves millions of mobile phones open to attack, potentially allowing criminals to listen in on calls or steal cash. Article

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