Telefónica Germany targets LTE at business users

A new LTE plan unveiled by Telefónica Germany is specifically aimed at attracting corporate users. The plan, labelled O2 Business LTE, offers mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and 12 GB of monthly data for €35 per month.

To stimulate interest, the company is offering the new service at a discount of 50 per cent to new subscribers for the first 12 months. The necessary LTE router, normally costing €42, will be included for free to those who sign a 24-month contract with Telefónica Germany.

"LTE is a new mobile technology that allows for especially fast data transfer rates. The downloading of large volumes of data, as required for cloud computing and video conferences, is no longer an issue," explained Johannes Pruchnow, MD of business at Telefónica Germany.

However, if subscribers to this plan exceed the 12 GB monthly allowance, the download performance will be reduced to 384 Kbps speeds until the following month. Also, the new tariff will only be available in the few areas that the company has deployed LTE in Germany.

In related news, BMW has disclosed the performance it is achieving using Telefónica Germany's LTE network when tested in vehicles travelling in and around Munich. The giant motor manufacturer claims that peak download speeds of 70 Mbps have been recorded, with an average data rate of 23 Mbps within the city.

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