Telefónica hails arrival of 'quintuple-play' in Spain

Telefónica claims to have launched the "quintuple-play" era in Spain with the announcement of a home security service based on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications that can be added to the company's existing "quad-play" and home broadband plans.

Launching on June 17, Movistar VeriSure Hogar is a 24-hour security service for the home that can be controlled via a smartphone application, and also makes use of Sigfox M2M transmission technology as well as Telefónica's ADSL or fibre networks. The service has been launched together with Securitas Direct and will be run by the security company's smart home unit VeriSure.

France-based Sigfox specialises in building low-energy, low-cost wireless networks to connect all manner of objects such as electricity meters, smart watches and washing machines. In February this year, the company raised $115 million (€105 million) from investors including Telefónica.

Movistar VeriSure Hogar will cost an extra €16 a month plus €9 for the equipment rental. To apply for the new service, customers must have an existing Movistar broadband or quad-play Fusion plan to ensure they have the necessary connectivity. The service includes an alarm as well as a camera with remote recording capabilities.

Once Movistar VeriSure Hogar has been installed in the home, customers can use the service via the VeriSure application, which enables them to configure real-time alerts and notifications and establish which people are authorised to access established protected areas. For example, entry by an unauthorised person will set off the alarm, while the camera will capture the images and record them on a server.

Such services are part of the much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT), as an increasing number of devices are connected to the Internet. The connected home is expected to be one of the first areas where such services will be deployed on a broad scale.

On the subject of quintuple-play, Telefónica is certainly not the first operator in Europe to make use of this term. MEO and NOS in Portugal already sell so-called "quintuple-play" plans that bundle together five services. However, such plans are less innovative than the Telefónica offering as they include the usual fixed voice, broadband, TV and mobile services, with the quintuple label achieved through the sale of mobile internet plans for smartphones on one hand and for large-screen devices on the other.

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