Telekom Austria cautious on 2013

Poor visibility in major markets has prevented Telekom Austria issuing detailed financial guidance for 2013, with the telco instead limiting itself to predicting revenue and capex for the year.
The Austrian incumbent forecasts revenue of approximately €4.1 billion and capex of €700 million in 2012, and plans to pay a dividend of €0.05 for 2012 and 2013. The figures are broadly in line with those the firm predicted for 2012 in its third quarter results, when it tipped revenue to hit €4.2 billion and capex of €700 million to €750 million.
A statement explains a focus on high value customers in mature markets is a lynchpin of Telekom Austria’s long-term strategy, despite the approach impacting margins in the short term. Managers at the telco plan to step up cost cutting to “reduce margin pressure,” and will continue to pursue a convergence strategy.