Telstra crashes Australian internet

Australian internet users went offline this morning when incumbent Telstra’s network crashed.
Telstra told Sky News the outage had affected all Telstra home, business and mobile broadband customers. Many Australian ISPs also rely on Telstra's wholesale network were also hit.
Australian internet users found themselves unable to access international sites, or domestic sites with international links.
The problem began before 7:50AM EST, and continued until at least 8:50AM, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
A Telstra spokesperson told TelecomsEurope that the cause of the outage stemmed from an undefined issue with the international gateway.
“Urgent investigations traced the issue to our international gateway to the internet,” he said. 
“The gateway was restored and services resumed. We have commenced a detailed and thorough technical investigation into the incident. This may take some time to conduct to ensure we fully understand the issue and can put appropriate measures in place to maintain the integrity and operation of our network.”