TesLA Alliance to offer test automation framework

Ixia and partners have formed the TesLA Alliance (IP Test Lab Automation) to provide an open, multi-vendor automation framework that allows members to offer integrated IP test automation solutions to their customers.

Apparently the Alliance members will build and market compatible solutions that enable seamless interoperation between their respective solutions in customer quality assurance (QA) labs.  TesLA aims to raise productivity, improve ROI and accelerate time to market.

The founding TesLA members are APCONT, Codenomicon, Fanfare, Ixia, Mu Dynamics, QualiSystems and Shunra.

Networks now offers an array of converged services extending from routing and switching to content aware security, deep packet inspection and complex application networking functions.

As complexity increases and product life cycles shorten, IP test automation has moved to centre stage because it is the only way quality can be assured after product upgrades, network modifications and software patches, the Alliance says.