Throw a shoe at Bush game attracts millions of hits

Briton Alex Tew sold his online video game that invited users to throw shoes at President George W. Bush on eBay in four days, for £5,215.

Tew is known for making a million dollars selling pixels at a dollar each in 2006 on He set up on Monday after an Iraqi journalist made headlines worldwide by pelting the visiting US President with his shoes - a sign of extreme displeasure in Iraq, apparently.

What Tew called a 'stupid little flash game' started getting millions of hits, threatening to overload the servers for a new humor site Tew is building, according to Reuters.

The Iraqi factory that made the shoes thrown by has had to employ 100 people to keep up with demand, while the shoe thrower himself was apparently tortured by the authorities after he made his feelings about the President and US occupation clear to the world.