TiVo unveils TV recording service via mobile phone

Subscribers of US digital television leader TiVo will soon be able to program television recordings straight from cellular phones using the Verizon Wireless network, an Associated Press report said.


The report said an agreement with Verizon Wireless, to be announced soon, beefed up TiVo's strategy to bring recording capabilities beyond its set-top-boxes and the television, and directly to cellphones for the first time.


Dubbed "TiVo Mobile," the report said this was also the latest feature that the company was introducing to help differentiate itself from the growing number of rival DVR offerings from cable and satellite TV operators.


While terms of the TiVo-Verizon deal were not disclosed, the report said that with the deal, Verizon would be the first US mobile operator to offer the remote TiVo scheduling feature on its handsets.