TM Forum guides operators to big data

The TM Forum hopes a new big data guidebook will encourage operators to employ the strategy, and then help them maximize its benefits.
Published in conjunction with Tektronix Communications, the guidebook covers the business case for deploying big data analytics, a ‘how to’ manual, and implementation standards.
"Operators preside over a goldmine of data, but until now, few have known how to fully extract its value,” notes Manuel Stopnicki, chief technology officer at Tektronix. “We are delighted and proud to have launched the Big Data analytics Guidebook with the TM Forum, to transform what has until now been a "buzz" word, into real and powerful opportunities for monetization, optimization and improved customer experience.”
The guidebook, which is sponsored by Orange and China Mobile, also details concepts including business value roadmaps, and the steps operators must take to optimize their network based on the analytics provided.
Steve Cotton, director of business assurance programs at the TM Forum, says the book is a “practical toolkit” that will help operators understand the “functionality, value and methods available for the implementation of big data.”