Trio top EMEA co-location

The co-location market in EMEA is dominated by three companies, which each have a strong presence in six or more countries in the region, Synergy Research Group claims.
A study by the firm estimates retail co-location revenues in the region grew 10% year-on-year in 3Q13 to $1.5 billion (€1.1 billion), with the UK the largest market within EMEA, generating 30% of revenues during the quarter. Equinix, Telecity Group, and Interxion are named as the current leaders in the region (see fig.1) with Synergy estimating their revenues grew faster than the market in 3Q13.
Total EMEA revenues during the quarter accounted for almost a third of global sales, says John Dinsdale, managing director of Synergy. “[T]he EMEA market leaders have shown it is possible to successfully build a pan-European presence. This is in contrast to the APAC region, where the market leaders have achieved their positions primarily by building a strong presence in their home countries,” he explains.
The smaller wholesale co-location market is dominated by Global Switch, which generated 40% of EMEA revenues in 3Q13. The only other company with a double-digit market share in wholesale is Digital Reality Trust.