Twitter user numbers still growing; Vodafone chairman makes privacy pledge

> Telefónica Deutschland reported a 14.5 per cent drop in second-quarter core earnings due to lower mobile revenue and higher investments. Article

> Twitter boosted stock markets' confidence with strong second quarter 2014 results that included a 16 million rise in user numbers. Report

> Ford Motor Company replaced corporate BlackBerry smartphones with Apple's iPhone. Article

> Spanish operator Jazztel reported a 21 per cent rise in core earnings in the first half of the year, as the company won new mobile and fibre clients. Article

> Orange CEO Stephane Richard said it will not offer Netflix on set-top boxes when it launches its subscription VOD service in September. Article

> Vodafone chairman Gerard Kleisterlee pledged to protect customers' rights to privacy and said the company will engage with the UK government on the issue. Article

> BlackBerry agreed terms to acquire Secusmart, a German voice and data encryption specialist used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Report

And finally...Got a bad memory and always losing your keys, wallet, or even favourite pet? There are apps to help you find them. Article

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