UK telecoms firms most bullish on job creation

Nearly two thirds of telecoms businesses in the UK predict they will create new jobs in 2012, despite claiming government efforts to boost job creation aren’t hitting the mark.
A survey of 670 UK executives by Barclays found that 63% of telecoms businesses are gearing up to create new positions this year, compared with a national average of 58%. The sector is also twice as likely to generate senior management positions, with 40% predicting they will create such roles compared to the average of 21% nationwide.
However, the overwhelming majority (93%) say government efforts to reduce barriers to new job creation is failing to help them, and 42% report they won’t be considering ex public sector staff for the new positions. In addition, 77% said their businesses must grow before they start making new posts available.
Sean Duffy, head of Barclay’s industry, technology, media and telecoms team, says high levels of merger and acquisition activity in the UK telecoms market is a sign of general optimism within the sector, but says the industry must tackle its skepticism of government initiatives “if we are to have a fluid employment market where people can move easily between public and private sector roles.”