Unhappy EU broadband customers ready to revolt

European ISPs must focus on cutting churn rates, or risk losing half of their unhappy customers within six months, research firm Analysys Mason claims.
The firm says that 50% of dissatisfied fixed-line web users are set to switch by June, and that consumer’s loss of financial security means many more are unsure about whether to stay with their current provider or not.
Dissatisfied customers who said they would switch accounted for 12.4% of 4,000 users Analysys Mason surveyed in the UK, Germany, France and Poland as part of its Connected Consumer survey
Martin Scott, senior analyst at Analysys Mason, says customer churn is now a key issue for European ISPs, as the number of new subscribers slows and the market stagnates.
“It is essential that ISPs analyze and understand the actions of their subscriber base,” Scott comments, adding. “Service providers that cannot track and respond to this evolution quickly will lose out to third parties that can.”