US prepares to haul Google to court

The US government has vowed to continue its legal showdown with Internet giant Google, as part of efforts to find out what people have been looking for on the Google search engine, an Associated Press report said.


According to the report, lawyers for the Justice Department and Google are expected to elaborate on their opposing views in a hearing scheduled this week before a US District Court.


This would mark the first time the Justice Department and Google had sparred in court since the government subpoenaed Google in an effort to obtain a long list of search requests and Web site addresses, the report said.


The government believed the requested information would help bolster its arguments in another case, where the Bush administration hoped to revive a law designed to make it more difficult for children to see online pornography, the report further said.


The report said Google had refused to cooperate, maintaining that the government's demand threatened its users' privacy as well as its own closely guarded trade secrets.