US state allows firm to offer mobile gambling

US slot machine firm International Game Technology was approved by regulators in the US state of Nevada to compete in an emerging market for handheld, mobile gambling devices, an Associated Press report said.


The report said members of the state Gaming Commission, following up on a recommendation from the state Gaming Control Board, voted unanimously to approve the Reno-based slot manufacturer for licensing as an operator of mobile gambling systems.


IGT's move followed licensing in May of Cantor Gaming as the state's first licensed manufacturer and distributor of the wireless gadgets. Cantor led the 2005 legislative effort to allow wireless gambling in Nevada.


The commission approved IGT's new licensing after Amy Monette, director of the company's research laboratory, said market studies showed many gamblers were interested in the new devices, the report said.


Regulations passed in March, based on the 2005 legislation, made Nevada the first state to allow wireless gambling in any public area outside of a casino, including restaurants, lounges and poolsides.