Video set to dominate IP interconnections

Video is set to become the main driver of IP interconnection firm XConnect’s business through 2012, chief Eli Katz predicts.
The firm plans to increase the number of video interconnection exchange partnerships during the year, as is aims to make it as easy to place a video call as it is a voice link. A key element in the video push will be offering increasingly complex interworking technologies to increase the number of devices capable of handling video calls, Katz says.
“We continue to foresee rapid growth as video, high-definition voice and other next-generation services gain traction as more powerful devices and applications emerge almost daily,” the chief notes.
The firm also plans to ramp availability of its electronic numbering registry, working closely with mobile operators to incorporate the register into the GSM Association’s rich communications suite. XConnect claims the move will enable operators to provide instant messaging and chat, live video sharing, and file transfer across multiple devices and networks.
Enquiries to its registry hit 3 billion in 2011, up 78% on 2010. Other 2011 highlights include an 85% increase in traffic across XConnect’s network, and a 78% rise in the number of calls handled.