Vodafone agrees to Linux applications deal

In a strong sign that Google's Android operating system is not favoured by all, Vodafone has signed a deal with Azingo to develop handset applications based on the LiMo platform. This move would indicate Vodafone, one of the founding members of the mobile Linux foundation LiMo, is keeping the open OS as one of its key choices.

Whilst Linux has had little success in cracking the cell phone OS market so far, albeit that Google‘s decision to use Linux to build its Android platform has much improved its chances, the CEO of Azingo, Mahesh Veerina, claimed Linux (including Android) would be shipping 500 million cell phones by 2014.

Vodafone gave little indication of what Linux applications Azingo might develop for the company, with Guido Arnone, Vodafone's director of terminals, saying, "we'll be working with Azingo's development team to deliver innovative communications solutions for customers."

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