Vodafone Greece claims femtocell service helps slash churn

Within 11 months of being launched, Vodafone Greece claims that its femtocell service has achieved the objective detailed in its original five-year business plan. The key benefit, according to Vodafone Greece, is customer retention. A company survey found that once users had a femtocell, their propensity to churn fell from 65 per cent to 8 per cent, and almost all femtocell users admitting they would recommend the device to a friend. Polychronos Tzeferos, the operator's new products and innovation manager, says the company is already recording an average of 350 to 400 voice minutes per month using a four user femtocell. Of note, despite the Huawei femtocell being unable to hand-over calls to the Vodafone 3G macro network, Tzeferos said that this issue had not caused customers problems so far. Article