Vodafone Italia chooses Amobee for mobile ads

Amobee Media Systems announced it will be providing ad server capabilities and dynamic ad selection for Vodafone Italia's live! portal.

Amobee, a world leader in advertising solutions for mobile, focuses on ad-enabling the first and the most frequently viewed screens on the mobile handset, like those used for messaging and on the carrier portal.

As Vodafone Italia's partner for mobile advertising solutions, Amobee's telco-grade ad server has been integrated with the operator's network enabling its customers to watch and interact with relevant and contextual advertising while browsing Vodafone live!.

Several major brands are already using the service including Mercedes, BMW, Nokia, Heineken, Lavazza, Nike, Agos, Axe, Agip, Eni, and RCS.

The partnership follows a successful collaboration to deliver Freevideo, a recent ad-funded mobile video service with Vodafone Italia.

Amobee also works with Vodafone in Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic, delivering advertising on Vodafone live! as well as services such as ad-funded peer-to-peer SMS and games.