VoSKY pushes Skype for enterprises

VoIP startup VoSKY has announced the first appliance to allow mainstream SIP-based IP PBXs to interconnect with the Skype network, according to Techworld.

The reports says VoSKY is aimed squarely at the underserved enterprise sector, which has its difficulties embracing the proprietary nature of Skype, the Exchange Pro VISIP-EX appliance allows companies to keep their existing VoIP infrastructure while adding up to 30 Skype ports, equivalent to handling 18 concurrent Skype calls.

Rolled out across multiple sites, the company is touting this as a way for colleagues to talk to one another for free, even where this is to some extent already possible with an existing VoIP installation. Skype's particular strength is that it can be made mobile, allowing remote calling back to HQ from anywhere in the world, at zero cost.