Webwire: Analyst drives Apple down; US blocks websites

Apple's Nasdaq stock suffered its greatest fall in nine months after a financial analyst expressed concerns that lower revenue growth at manufacturer Foxconn could indicate a similar trend for Apple. The pair’s earnings were closely coupled last year.
YouTube, Amazon, eBay, MTV and ESPN are among 13 websites blocked by the US military since Monday to free up bandwidth to aid Japan’s disaster recovery efforts.
China Mobile could name its expanded TD-LTE trial equipment vendors within weeks, Alcatel-Lucent’s Asia Pacific head Rajeev Singh-Morales says.
Leaked images of the latest device in Motorola’s successful Droid range show the unit will be one of the first to hook into accessories that turn the smartphone into a laptop or tablet PC.
Chinese writers have accused Baidu of encouraging copyright infringement with its Library service, claiming the service is often used to post their works online without permission.
Thailand's True Corp, through subsidiary True Universal Convergence, has started offering corporate customers 10Gbps services through its Ethernet network.
An Australian state attorney general wants to introduce laws that would make it illegal to post violent or humiliating images of another person without their consent, in response to a viral video depicting schoolyard bullying.