Webwire: Apple dodges patent fine; Web giants tackle France

A US district court has reversed a $660 million (€462 million) damages payment awarded to Mirror Worlds in a patent infringement battle with Apple because the figure had not been correctly calculated.
Web giants including Google, Facebook, and eBay, are challenging a French government plan to retain user’s personal data for a year.
Canada's Telus will build an LTE network starting in the nation's major cities in 2H11.
Google's Andy Rubin denies the company is tightening restrictions on the Android platform, stating it is not restricting modifications to the operating system or its user interface.
Lower than expected tablet sales contributed to a 34% drop in Samsung’s operating profit to 2.9 trillion Won (€1.8 billion) in 1Q11, marking a second straight fall in quarterly earnings.
A technical fix correcting interference with GPS signals by US operator LightSquared’s satellite network could cost billions to implement, equipment makers warn