Webwire: Apple patch doesn’t work for all; Logitech ditches Google TV

An Apple software patch designed to fix battery problems on the iPhone 4S hasn’t worked on every device, the firm admits.
Logitech chief Guerrino De Luca says Google mishandled the launch of its TV service, and his firm won’t replace the Revue set-top box Logitech made for the service.
Iranian civil defense officials are battling Duqu, a new variant of the Stuxnet virus reportedly designed to gather data on industrial control systems.
Forex losses took Egyptian operator Orascom Telecom into the red during the third quarter. The firm swung from a $939 million (€686 million) profit in 3Q10 to a loss of $975,000 this year.
An Australian federal court is denying Samsung access to Apple’s carrier agreements in the country, which it sought as part of litigation between the pair.