Webwire: Apple patent win hits Android; Sony completes Sony Ericsson buy

Apple beats Motorola in Germany
An Apple patent victory over Motorola Mobility covering unlocking touchscreen phones could have a global impact on other Android smartphone makers, a patent expert claims.
Sony completes Ericsson buyout
Sony has completed the €1.05 billion buyout of Ericsson's stake in joint venture Sony Ericsson, and detailed plans to accelerate the integration of the mobile business with its other consumer electronics.
EU court clears social media music
Europe's highest court rules social networks are not responsible for blocking illegal music downloads, and installing a general filter to do so would infringe user’s rights.
Twitter faces defamation suit
An Australian man is suing Twitter for defamation, asserting the social network is a publisher, and so responsible for libelous material posted by its users.
AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA hit with patent suit
AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA are being sued by patent holding company Intellectual Ventures over an alleged violation of 15 wireless technology patents.
Baidu beats 4Q forecasts
Chinese search engine Baidu beat analyst forecasts with 4Q revenue of $710.9 million (€540 million)
LightSquared seeks spectrum swap
LightSquared is attempting to swap its spectrum with frequencies held by the US Department of Defense, to salvage its 4G network plans. The US FCC recently blocked the carrier lighting the network due to interference with GPS services.