Webwire: Apple richer than US govt; Vodafone puts shareholders first

With $76 billion (€52.6 billion) on hand, Apple now has more cash than the debt-laden US treasury.
Vodafone will pass the bulk of a forthcoming $4.5 million (€3.1 million) dividend payment from Verizon Wireless to its shareholders in February. The US carrier is due to make its first payment to Vodafone since 2005 early next year.
Deutsche Telekom is replacing chief strategist Francis Deprez as part of a continuing management shake up that will see half the board changed.
Yahoo risks alienating its investors after settling a dispute over the online payment arm of China’s Alibaba, in which Yahoo holds a 40% stake.
Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn will replace workers with robots over the next three years, revealing plans to grow the number of machines from 10,000 currently to around a million.
Games console maker Nintendo has cut its profit forecast for the year to end-March by 80%, following poor sales of the 3D version of its DS portable gaming device.
Mobile games maker Rovio has partnered with Chinese ad network Madhouse to provide in-app advertising for Angry Birds, when the game makes its official debut in China in September.