Webwire: Apple's German sales halted; Hackers breach anti-hacking call

Sales of two generations of Apple’s iPhone and its wireless-enabled iPad were suspended in Germany on Friday as a result of a continuing patent fight between the vendor and Motorola Mobility.
UK and US security forces have egg on their face, after hacker group Anonymous intercepted a secret call to discuss fighting hackers.
Almost half (48.8%) of all smartphones shipped in 2011 were Android units, as sales of the Google-powered devices soared. Apple garnered a 19.1% share, Canalys figures show.
Turkcell bosses accuse South Africa's MTN of offering bribes to win an Iranian operating license that it was also bidding for.
Motorola Mobility has admitted that it accidentally sold around 100 refurbished Xoom tablets without first properly wiping the prior users' data.
The Nigerian government plans to allocate more fixed-line licenses in 2013, to stimulate broadband infrastructure deployment.