Webwire: Apple shifts to green energy; TNZ pilot survives crash

Apple is seeking to boost its ‘green’ credentials by converting a US data center from coal-fired electricity to solar power.
A helicopter pilot walked away unharmed from a spectacular crash while erecting Telecom New Zealand’s Christmas tree in Auckland yesterday. Investigators currently believe the copter’s rotor tangled with a cable attached to the tree.
HTC is lowering its 4Q guidance, tipping revenue to be flat on 4Q10 at NT$104 billion ($2.5 billion) compared to the NT$125 billion to NT$135 billion it forecast at end October.
Apple has pulled a subscription mobile game service from the App Store less than a week after it launched and despite officially approving the product.
Twitter chiefs are locked in combat with US lawmakers over the legality of posts by members of the Taliban. The firm argues the tweets are valid because the Taliban isn’t listed as a terrorist organization.