Webwire: Assange faces extradition; FaceTime hits MacBooks

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has vowed to appeal a UK court extradition order, after losing his fight against removal to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault.
Apple has embedded a FaceTime camera in its new line of MacBook Pro laptop PCs, extending the service beyond iPhone 4 users.
Reviewers rate Motorola’s Xoom tablet as a good effort, but one ultimately not on par with Apple’s iPad.
A Chinese ministry claims the EU provides subsidies to telecom companies that may breach World Trade Organisation laws. The claim is seen as a move to stave off EU regulatory action into Chinese state financial aid given to Huawei and ZTE.
India's Vodafone Essar plans to enter the landline and business sectors, in a bid to compensate for shrinking mobile tariffs. The telco also hopes to triple its revenue from the enterprise segment in five years.
US-based broadband access system vendor Calix has closed the acquisition of Occam Networks for $83.3 million (€60.3 million) in cash and 6.4 million shares.
Google has launched Cloud Connect, a plug in that allows the migration of Microsoft Office files to Google Docs, in its latest play for office suite market share.
US carrier AT&T has begun ditching third-party retailers in a bid to cut costs.