Webwire: C&W Worldwide stands by pay policy; Microsoft profits up $1b

C&W Worldwide chief John Pluthero refuses to ditch a lucrative pay package for senior executives, despite conceding the firm has endured an annus horribilis since its demerger from Cable & Wireless in 2010.
Microsoft beat analyst’s earnings forecasts with a profit of $5.87 billion (€4 billion) for the second quarter – up over a billion on the $4.52 billion recorded in 2Q10. Earnings-per-share of $0.69 were $0.11 higher than analysts predicted.
Australian lawmakers are mulling restricting Facebook access to users aged 18 years or over, to address parental concerns about the social network. Other measures on the table include offering parents access to their child’s account, and proof of age checks.
India’s Tata Teleservices may break up its three-year relationship with UK-based Virgin Mobile as it embarks on a brand restructure.
Thailand’s DTAC says it will launch 3G services mid-August, regardless of whether owner CAT approves the plan or not. DTAC believes the new network is essential to compete with local rivals True Move and AIS.
The chief of Australian ISP Internode has slammed the NBN Co’s wholesale prices, claiming the high price has forced his firm to charge over-the-odds for its ADSL2+ services.
Taiwan is likely to lag neighboring countries in LTE rollouts by around four years, due to sluggish release of 4G licenses. The government doesn’t plan to issue licenses until mid-2015.
Ericsson is making progress in Africa with a five-year managed services contract for Bharti Airtel, and a separate two year network upgrade contract from the Indian carrier.