Webwire: Dell focuses on cost cutting; US keeps pressure on Huawei, ZTE

PC maker Dell is targeting cost savings of at least $2 billion (€1.5 billion) in the next three years, as part of a strategy shift that will also see it focus on data center equipment, software and services.
US authorities have again requested that Huawei and ZTE detail their relationship with the Chinese government, as part of a security review. Huawei must also explain its ties to several US consultancies.
Google is unlikely to face criminal charges in the UK over data mining by StreetView cars despite a fresh investigation being opened, data experts predict.
The Brazilian government has raised 2.93 billion Reals (€1.1 billion) from the sale of 4G spectrum to the nation's top four mobile operators and two pay TV providers.
HTC does not plan to enter the low-end smartphone segment to tackle challenging market conditions at the higher-end, for fear of tarnishing the company's brand image.
The US is lacking in computer security experts, putting critical systems at risk as the number of cyber attacks increases, Symantec chief executive Enrique Salem says.