Webwire: Eircom earnings drop; Microsoft profit down on PC wait

Eircom failed to issue profit or loss information as earnings fell €104 million to €542 million in the year to end-June. Sales fell 10% year-on-year, and EBITDA 16%.
Microsoft’s profit fell $1.27 billion (€975 million) year-on-year to $4.47 billion in its fiscal 1Q13, which covers the period to end-September. Revenue fell 22%, which the firm attributes to PC manufacturers holding off for its latest Windows 8 operating system.
Initial results of an SEC probe into Facebook’s flotation found no evidence of wrongdoing by the social network ahead of the sale in May.
Delivery fees are proving a barrier to online commerce in the UK, however, smartphones and tablets drive in-store purchases, a survey conducted for mobile shopping firm Udozi shows.
Java is being removed from Apple’s Mac computers when users upgrade the operating system. While no reason has been given for the move by Apple, it comes after a security scare regarding the “write once; run anywhere” computing language.
Brazilian newspapers have banned Google News from aggregating their content, amid claims the search giant fails to pay them and is causing a drop in traffic to their home pages.