Webwire: Ericsson eyes Nortel patents; Tech crash masked Alcatel corruption

Ericsson is tipped to become the fourth bidder for Nortel’s patent portfolio, either through a joint bid with Google, Intel or Microsoft, or a stand-alone offer.
NBN Co chief Mike Quigley claims he missed corruption while president of Alcatel-Lucent’s US division because he was distracted by the tech crash at the turn of the century.
Security and storage company Symantec will go shopping for cloud computing and virtualization firms using a chunk of a $3 million (€2.1 million) cash reserve.
German security researchers claim to have discovered a security loophole that could allow cyber crooks to steal calendar, contacts and other user data from nearly any Android phone.
Business focused social network LinkedIn has raised expectations of a buoyant IPO on Thursday by upping its target per-share price range by $10 (€7) to between $42 and $45. The flotation is scheduled to take place Thursday.