Webwire: EU court considers Microsoft reversal; Google reveals complaint list

A European court will decide on June 27 whether to uphold or overturn a €899 million antitrust fine imposed on Microsoft in 2004.
Microsoft has submitted more complaints to Google about pages that infringe copyright than entertainment companies over the past nine months
Yahoo has launched a new app for iOS devices and HTML-5 capable web browsers that provides previews of pages instead of a traditional search results screen.
China Investment Corp is in talks to buy $2 billion (€1.5 billion) worth of shares in Alibaba, which would give the Chinese web giant the funds it needs to buy back part of Yahoo's holding in the company.
US broadcasters Fox, NBC and CBS are suing satellite TV provider Dish Network for offering customers a DVR which automatically skips advertisements.
Apple has licensed patents from SimpleAir to end an IP infringement lawsuit lodged by the technology licensing company in 2009.