Webwire: Foxconn mulls Brazil entry; New players enter Israel 3G

Chinese manufacturer Foxconn may invest $12 billion (€8.2 billion) to establish operations in Brazil to assemble iPads and other devices.
Analysts predict price falls in Israel after Mirs Communications and Marathon's Xfone won 3G licenses in a recent spectrum auction. Each will pay over $200 million (€137 million) for their licenses – over twice the price paid by existing 3G providers Cellcom, Pelephone and Partner.
Vivendi is seeking a bank loan of €4 billion or more to help fund its planned acquisition of the remaining shares in French operator SFR, three sources claimed.
Cisco is ditching its Flip range of consumer video cameras and laying off 550 staff associated with the product, as it seeks to re-focus on its core infrastructure business following an unsuccessful foray into the consumer market.
Analysts expect India's largest technology firms – Tata Consultancy, Infosys and Wipro – to record strong profit and revenue growth in the next 12 months.
A freelance journalist is suing The Huffington Post on behalf of unpaid bloggers, arguing they should be compensated for the value they added to the site which has just been sold to AOL for $315 million (€217 million)