Webwire: Google rebrands app store; LulzSec leader turns informant

Google has combined the Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookStore into a unified online store branded Google Play.
The ringleader of hacker group LulzSec, Hector Xavier Monsegur, has been secretly working as an informant for the US FBI. His co-operation has resulted in charges being filed against five of the group's members.
Rumors about Apple's latest iPad have gone into overdrive ahead of the expected announcement of the device at 10am PST today.
UK telcos BT and TalkTalk have lost a two-year court appeal against the government's new “three strikes” antipiracy laws, leading to concerns ISPs will pass the costs of complying onto their customers. The law obligates ISPs to pay 25% of the costs of enforcing the system.
US pop star Lady Gaga has become the world's first person to hit 20 million Twitter followers.
Around 3,000 customers of Australia's Telstra were left without fixed-line services after a third-party contractor accidentally severed fiber and copper cables.
No Android-based tablet maker has more than a 5% share of the tablet market, according to a new market report from Forrester Research.
Almost 32.8 million Indian mobile users have taken advantage of mobile number portability since it was implemented in January 2011.