Webwire: HP chief in peril; RIM patents price lower

HP's board is considering replacing chief executive Leo Apotheker with former eBay chief Meg Whitman, and is also reviewing the decision to spin off the PC business.
Shareholders seeking to boost RIM’s fortunes by selling its patent horde will be disappointed, one analyst warns, because the retail price will be over $1 billion (€742 million) lower than the paper value.
A UK children’s charity says parents must do more to monitor their children’s online activities, as research shows 21% of adults fail to keep track of their child’s social networking habits compared to 13% that do.
Apple is beefing up its IP protection in China with 40 new patents covering the iPhone and iPad, which rank as some of the most-copied devices by domestic counterfeiters.
Google chairman Eric Schmidt refutes claims the company rigs its search results to favor its own sites, but admits the firm borders on being a monopoly.
Japanese companies including NTT, NEC, Mitsubishi and social network operator GREE have set up a new fund to provide early venture capital funding to internet start-ups