Webwire: HP gears for fresh tablet launch; Social media matches airline passengers

HP is gearing to launch a business-focused tablet running Windows 8 later this year, chief Meg Whitman says. The firm’s first effort in the sector ended in a fire sale, after its consumer device failed to gain traction against Apple’s iPad.
Dutch airline KLM is trialing a new service allowing travelers to use social network profile data to match them with a seatmate with similar interests.
RIM, Microsoft, HP, Apple, Amazon and Google are backing a California law that requires app developers to apply privacy policies to their products.
ZTE plans to unveil eight new smartphones at next week's Mobile World Congress, as part of its push to become one of the top three handset vendors by 2015.
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone claims users should adopt a ‘little but often’ approach to using the social network, because spending hours on the site can be unhealthy.
Virgin founder Richard Branson has won control of a triple-x web domain based on his name, after the US National Arbitration Forum ruled an Australian man had registered the moniker in bad faith.


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