Webwire: HTC worth more than Nokia; Essar adds $700m to price tag

HTC has overtaken Nokia by market value to become the world's third most valuable smartphone maker worth around $33.8 billion.
India's Essar group is asking for a $600 million (€416 million) to $700 million increase to the $5 billion it will receive for its 33% stake in Vodafone Essar to cover new Reserve Bank guidelines that stipulate a minimum value for local shares in private companies.
Dell will spend $1 billion (€694 million) to establish ten new data centers around the world for public and private cloud services, construct new facilities and hire staff to help promote and sell the services.
Media conglomerates Viacom and Time Warner Cable have sued each other in a battle to determine whether cable companies have the right to distribute TV programs on iPads and other mobile devices.
US operators AT&T and Verizon must allow smaller rivals use their mobile networks for data services instead of just voice, under new rules recently approved by regulator FCC.
Twitter is now being used to send out 155 million messages per day, up from 55 million a year ago.
Facebook has teamed with hardware firms including AMD, Dell, HP and Intel to launch the Open Computing Initiative, an attempt to encourage collaboration on designs for servers and data centers.
Australia's Telstra has sold $1 billion (€694 million) worth of 10-year bonds to refinance debts - likely including the repayment of bonds due next year - and for general funding.