Webwire: Israeli websites attacked; Microsoft reveals new Windows heads

Israeli government websites have been subjected to 44 million hack attacks since the country began military action in Gaza. The country’s finance minister revealed one attack was successful, but claims the site was only affected for ten minutes.
Microsoft veterans Tami Reller and Julie Larson-Green are the new heads of the firm’s Windows division. Reller has been tasked with running business operations, and Larson-Green with technical development. They replace Steven Sinofsky, who quit suddenly earlier this month.
Digital wills are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The wills see executors given the necessary passwords and login details to conduct a post-mortem clean up of a person’s online information.
A US federal judge has accepted a deal between Google and the Federal Trade Commission that will see the search giant pay $22.5 million (€17.6 million) to settle a case claiming it planted cookies on Apple’s Safari web browser.