Webwire: LG cuts mobile workers; Bartz condemns Yahoo board

LG Electronics refuses to comment on reports it has slashed its international mobile division’s staff by 30%, and is also mulling layoffs at its domestic unit as part of cost reduction measures.
A non-disclosure agreement means ousted Yahoo chief Carol Bartz may have cost herself $10 million (€7.2 million) by damning her former employer in an interview.
Google's data centers consume a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant – enough to power 200,000 homes.
Twitter is seeking to boost advertising revenues by extending the number of promoted tweets it carries, following a positive response from users.
Authentication services firm VeriSign has pulled out of two investment conferences, prompting speculation it is in takeover talks.
NTT DoCoMo will launch Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE and Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab LTE on its Xi 4G network next month. The Japanese carrier also plans a flat rate tariff for the network.