Webwire: LuizSec teen faces extradition; Google cracks 1bil. mark

A British teenager arrested on suspicion of being an important member of hacking group LuizSec faces extradition to the US and prosecution in the American courts.
One billion visitors accessed a Google site in May – the first time the firm has broken the barrier. Microsoft is close behind with 905 million unique visitors, ComScore figures show.
Polish media mogul Zygmunt Solorz-Zak is offering 18 billion zloty (€4.5 billion) to buy the country’s second largest mobile operator Polkomtel.
Telcos in the Netherlands will not be able to charge consumers more for access to Web-based communications services like Skype, under laws passed yesterday.
Indian antitrust investigators are mulling whether to probe a complaint that Apple violated local laws by setting up exclusive carrier deals for its iPhone 4.
Smartphones accounted for 44% of all mobile handset sales in Taiwan during the first quarter, with Android accounting for 58.8% of smartphones shipped.