Webwire: Motorola beats Microsoft; Google pays no tax in Australia

Motorola has won an injunction on sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360, Windows 7, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player in Germany, after a court ruled Microsoft infringed on Motorola's H.264 video coding and playback patents. But the injunction is currently not enforceable.
Google paid no tax in Australia on the A$940 million (€735 million) generated from local search ad revenue, because it routes the income through an Irish subsidiary. Google Australia recently reported a net loss despite earning A$201 million in operating revenue.
US retail chain Target will stop selling Amazon's Kindle e-readers in its 1,700 outlets, as tension between brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers grows.
A lawyer for Oracle has ruled out the prospect of negotiating a settlement with HP in a $4 billion (€3 billion) lawsuit between the pair. HP is suing Oracle over the latter's decision to stop supporting Itanium chips.
Yahoo's entire cadre of top executives has reportedly convened to discuss which non-core businesses can be divested, in order to focus on the company's core competencies.
French politicians are demanding that a man accused of defaming them on twitter send out 466 apology tweets as a punishment.
SK Telecom’s first quarter net profit fell 40% to 323.3 billion won (€217 million), in a result that missed analysts' estimates.
Optus, SingTel's wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, plans to cut 750 jobs - or around 8% of its workforce - in a streamlining initiative.