Webwire: MS complains to EU over Google; Tension in Android camp

Microsoft has filed a fresh complaint to EU regulators accusing Google of anticompetitive practices in its ordering of search results.
Handset makers and operators are concerned that Google has been clamping down on the openness of the Android platform, with some claiming Google has tried to hold up the launch of a Verizon smartphone using Bing search.
India's telecom ministry is finalizing the draft of the nation's national broadband policy, involving spending 600 billion rupees ($13.4 billion) on a national high speed network, and plans to send it to cabinet for approval within the next few weeks.
Indonesia's PT Telkom said its net profit grew 24% to 2.6 trillion rupiah ($299 million) in the fourth quarter, with internet revenues compensating for low mobile subscriber growth in the period.
China's Baidu will shut down e-commerce store Youa and migrate existing merchants to new platforms. But the web firm said it is not withdrawing from e-commerce completely, and is working on a better platform.
NTT DoCoMo plans to invest around 8 billion rupees ($179.8 million) in a Tata Teleservices rights issue, in order to maintain its 26% stake in the Indian operator.
Vodafone NZ will scrap its Egyptian call center and bring its customer service operations back in-house. The Cairo facility was shut down during February's revolts, but Vodafone said this was not a factor in the decision.

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