Webwire: MS gives Win 8 taster; Cisco slashes revenue forecast

Microsoft has shown off an early version of its Windows 8 OS - which as expected has been designed to work on both PCs and tablets - and will provide app developers with the preview version in a bid to woo them to the platform.
Cisco has slashed its 2012 revenue growth target to 5%-7% from the previous 12%-17%, but forecast gross profit margins that were better than anticipated, providing an indication that streamlining efforts are beginning to pay off.
Google has launched a group-buying deals service in China, bringing it into competition with the joint venture between Groupon and China's Tencent.
US president Barack Obama has tabled a jobs bill, that also includes a modified preliminary version of his proposal to raise some $28 billion in funds over the next decade by auctioning off wireless spectrum currently held by TV broadcasters.
Nokia has denied claims by human rights group Finnwatch that manufacturing workers in its facility in Chennai, India earn a less than living wage. Nokia says the data is skewed and doesn't account for employee benefits such as meals, healthcare and transportation.
There is little chance of a repeat of the 2009 collision between an Iridium satellite and a non-operational Russian craft, now that Iridium is receiving more detailed information from US military space debris trackers, according to the company's CEO.
Australia's Telstra has revealed details of the plan to decommission the old 2100MHz network the company currently shares with VHA. Starting next year, the network will be shut down, and assets split between the companies.