Webwire: New Yahoo boss' pay deal revealed; Apple sued by Chinese authors

Yahoo is handing new chief executive Scott Thompson a $27 million (€21.1 million) pay package, including a $1 million salary and stock incentives currently worth $22.5 million.
Apple is facing the ire of Chinese authors, a group of which are suing the company for 11.9 million yuan (€1.4 million) for breaching copyright by offering works via the App Store.
The Iranian government has issued regulations requiring internet cafe operators to install security cameras, and gather information on customers and what they’re browsing.
An Italian court has thrown out a Samsung lawsuit seeking an injunction on iPhone 4S sales in the country, the latest development in a multi-country patent war between the pair.
Huawei has hired a new VP of international media affairs and new PR executives in the UK and France, as part of its international expansion ambitions.
Japanese electronics firm Toshiba plans to launch smart home energy services in the US by the year end, and aims to generate 10 billion Yen in revenue by 2016.

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