Webwire: Nokia tipped to cut 6k jobs; Apple forces Foxconn changes

Finnish labor unions predict that Nokia's alliance with Microsoft could result in the loss of up to 6,000 jobs in the handset maker's home country. Chief Stephen Elop has warned of significant headcount reductions.
Chinese manufacturing facility Foxconn has made improvements to worker conditions - including better counselor training in the wake of the suicide scandal - according to an audit by Apple, which had suggested the changes.
Twitter has rejected as “a rumor” reports that Google is interested in acquiring it for as much as $10 billion (€7.3 billion) – but declined to comment on whether Facebook will bid.
ZTE said its contract sales increased 26% in 2010 to 100 billion yuan (€11.2 billion)). The company claims to be the fastest-growing vendor in the global telecom sector.
IBM has developed a machine capable of playing the quiz show Jeopardy, as part of research into data retrieval based on queries using human language, rather than keyword searches.