Webwire: Orange Switzerland up for sale; HP starts laying off staff

France Telecom is tipped to make at least €1.5 billion from the sale of its Swiss mobile operation, with up to 12 parties interested in the firm.
The first layoffs at HP’s Palm division are underway, with the firm tipped to shed 525 staff from the unit as part of a plan to shut down its WebOS development.
MasterCard is demonstrating a very early prototype of technology that would allow consumers to purchase products via their TV sets using gesture based controls. The prototype uses Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor to register the gestures.
Indian state-owned operator BSNL is likely to abandon a GSM equipment tender worth an estimated 60 billion rupees (€913 million), due to lack of interest from private vendors.
Japan's main defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has suffered its first cyber attack, with hackers accessing information including IP addresses.
Subsidiaries of China Telecom and Huawei plan to build a nearly $100 million (€72 million) subsea cable between Australia and New Zealand, with work set to begin by the end of the year.
New Zealand wireless broadband provider Whoosh has been bought out by US-based Craig Wireless for $5.5 million (€4 million)

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