Webwire: RIM launches music service; Latest Galaxy Tab due Sep

RIM is taking on iTunes and Spotify with a subscription music service for Blackberry Messenger. Consumers can purchase up to 50 songs and share them with their friends.
Samsung is planning to extend its tablet line up with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the IFA event early next month, details hidden in an app for the event suggest. The tablet could be one of the first to use Samsung’s new Super AMOLED display technology.
UK police have charged a 22 year old student for being involved in cybercrimes committed by hacker collective Anonymous.
Footage aired on Chinese state television debunks government claims it doesn’t engage in cyber warfare, US security specialists state. The clip is estimated to be a decade old, and shows a DDoS attack on the website of a banned religious group.
Samsung has firmly denied any interest in acquiring HP's PC unit, with top brass stating that the difference in scale between the pair’s PC businesses would make a merger “unfeasible and imprudent.”
Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom’s Slovakian businesses are appealing for a reduction in mobile license extension fees. The price for DT-backed Slovak Telekom is set at €48 million, while Orange is due to pay €41 million.
Fiji's Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH) grew its fiscal 1Q profit 48% year-on-year, despite a decline in operating revenue over the period – which runs to end-June.