Webwire: Samsung adds iPhone 5 to Apple suit, Motorola drops complaint

Samsung has added claims about the iPhone 5 to the US lawsuit accusing Apple of infringing on several of its standards and features patents.
Google's Motorola Mobility has meanwhile dropped a complaint accusing Apple of violating seven of its patents, without providing an explanation.
The Philippines' Globe Telecom has launched a new line of postpaid LTE plans, dubbed Tattoo Black. The two plans include a USB modem in the package.
Russian search giant Yandex intends to launch a competing Android app store to Google's Play in conjunction with Opera, with plans to offer payment options including mobile billing and in-app purchases.
Rivals to Google's fiber services in two US cities - both named Kansas City - are campaigning for the same concessions granted by the municipal governments to convince Google to set up shop there.
France Telecom is banking on the rollout of 4G services to allow it to raise prices for mobile services, and counteract a decline in profitability, according to CEO Stephane Richard.
Results of a new survey suggest that 22% of US adults now own a tablet, and that the iPad's share of the market segment has fallen to 52%, from 81% in 2011.
Hackers behind attacks on multiple US banks are using complex methods and tools to disrupt online banking, suggesting a highly prepared and co-ordinated campaign, security experts say.