Webwire: Schmidt distances Google from Carrier IQ; Samsung loses French iPhone fight

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says the firm has nothing to do with Carrier IQ, a provider of networks analytics software accused of breaching mobile user’s privacy by logging keystrokes.
Samsung must pay €100,000 to cover Apple’s legal costs after a French court rejected the South Korean vendor’s bid to block sales of the iPhone 4S in the country.
Australia’s competition regulator is considering a public inquiry into operator Telstra’s wholesale ADSL plans, submitted as part of a revised proposal on its separation.
Yahoo is unlikely to receive a court-ordered $610 million (€456 million) compensation payment from conmen in Thailand and Nigeria, who used the firm’s brand in a lottery scam.
T-Mobile USA is gearing up to unveil Nokia’s Lumia smartphones next week, as the Finnish vendor seeks to finally crack the US market.